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The Building Innovation Award received by AROUSAL highlighted "a superb innovation aimed at stimulating new ways of thinking and of approach…... the system has pioneered simulation in the building industry, aimed essentially at organisational and management development, not only in general terms but also in the context of the firm."

The Windows version of Arousal, originally developed by Ioannis Fitsakis, exploits many of the most attractive features of Windows. It has been received with acclaim. Available on CD-ROM, it provides, in one easy-to-access package, a ready-to-operate simulation system of either a UK, US or Australian based firm.

The success of AROUSAL is due to its foundation on extensive research into:
      °  practical needs of managers in the construction industry
      °  how managers learn and develop expertise
      °  what makes an effective learning experience
      °  important relationships between explicit and tacit
      °  critical factors which influence business success and
      °  key relationship between technical and
behavioural effects
      °  links between strategy and operations and between
          functional areas

In addition, the system benefits from over 30 years of systematic feedback from users. 

However, the prime reason for success is that, through sensitive tailoring of learning experiences, managers are able to familiarise themselves with new and challenging issues. They develop key conceptual, organisational and technical skills which enable them to manage better their own work and projects, and to contribute to the strategic development of their organisations.

"The greatest learning takes place when managers
are able to handle new ideas against the back-cloth

of a familiar business setting"