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After 33 very successful years, in 2018 I ceased running AROUSAL courses for industry and universities and issuing software licenses for the use of AROUSAL. However, enquiries about the system, its development and deployment, are always welcome. Thank you to all the many supporters of AROUSAL over the years, from the time of twin-floppy PCs using DOS to modern-day Windows systems and beyond. Peter Lansley

AROUSAL is a prize winning corporate simulation system designed to assist executives in the construction and engineering industries to manage their companies more effectively. The system focuses on the often neglected operation and management of project-based businesses. It has benefited thousands of corporate managers and prospective managers in over 25 countries on five continents. AROUSAL has been used extensively by universities across the globe, particularly with those attending taught postgraduate courses and with final year undergraduate students. For these it provides both an introduction to the management and organisation of a construction business and the experience of managing such an enterprise.

Developed by Professor Peter Lansley with associates in Europe, North America and Australia the system is ready for immediate use by construction and engineering organisations, clients and their organisational development and training professionals as well as by universities.

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Although developed in the early 1980s, because it has been regularly and thoroughly updated to reflect the prevailing needs and aspirations of project-based businesses. As a result AROUSAL still retains its global recognition of its position at the forefront of simulation-based management development tools.

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This unique and highly successful system for management training and development,
used world-wide by companies, training organisations and universities
has been completely updated for the current business cycle.

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"Management effectiveness is best measured by quantifiable results."
Citation for Building Innovation Award


What is AROUSAL ?

AROUSAL is a highly sophisticated business simulation system designed to assist contractors and other construction industry firms in developing their managers and in evaluating the potential costs and benefits of different business and organisational strategies.

At the heart of the system is a case study of a real firm and a computer model of its business activities. Unlike many computer models which are restricted to handling financial, marketing and production issues AROUSAL recognises the vital interplay between strategic and operational decisions and the human side of business. AROUSAL is unique in being able to handle such factors as the design of the reporting structure, job descriptions, recruitment and general personnel issues. This ability is further enhanced by the flexibility of the system, which can be fine-tuned to reflect the activities and organisation of a wide variety of businesses.

How does AROUSAL work ?

AROUSAL simulates the world of the senior managers of a given enterprise. It generates much of the information which would normally be available to such staff and enables them, or teams of participants on a course, to handle this information and the embedded issues as they would in practice. AROUSAL allows managers to develop and evaluate ideas, to relate them to their jobs and to implement these ideas through managing in a familiar and risk free environment.

When used on management courses a business setting is initially presented through audio-visual or written case study materials. Subsequently, the business is developed through the interplay of the decisions of the team with a computer model of the business. Expert tutors coach and develop participants to ensure that effective learning takes place.

How is AROUSAL used ? 

The prime reason for developing AROUSAL was to provide firms with a powerful tool for handling those issues which arise from the ever increasing complexities of business and organisational life. It was envisaged that such a tool could be used in three ways:
--  As a key learning vehicle on Management Courses
--  For Coaching individual managers
--  Team Building and Leadership Development

 However, the uses of AROUSAL have extended to include significant contributions to :
--  Management of Change
--  Information Systems Development
--  Staff Induction
--  Corporate Appraisal

What does AROUSAL consist of ? 

The AROUSAL system consists of:
  An audio-visual and/or written description of the background and current status of the firm which has been modelled.
-  A computer based information and decision processing system. This is used to obtain information about the firm and its market environment, to record decisions about how the firm is to be managed and to store and report information produced as a result of simulating the operation of the firm.
  A guide for instructors on how to use the system for training and development courses and a full set of course materials.

The AROUSAL system is available 'off-the-shelf', based on a small main-contractor in the West Country of England, a medium sized contractor in Boston, Massachusetts, and a small contractor based near Melbourne. 


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