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February 2016 - Major updates have continued throughout the past six months.

January 2015 - Activities of  the user of the simulation system, such as decisions and screens viewed, can be logged for later analysis.

December 2015 - All current models (UK, US and OZ) revised and updated with January 2015 starting point.

April 2014 - Increased flexibility and greater security with distributed use of the system which incorporates internet-based security control

January 2014 - Health and Safety aspects greatly enhanced so as to model the impact of H&S on project progress and cost.

January 2014 - Part time staff introduced for some functions.

July 2013 - All models available in Full Operating Mode (all features) and Student Operating Mode (limitations on certain features such as: being able to rerun simulations, format security of output files, access to updating features)

May 2013 - AROUSAL IX introduced with updated UK, US and Australian Models and ability for users to modify and create new initial scenarios and materials

January 2013 - Plug and Go - A simpler Installation method is undergoing advanced testing

December 2012 - UK Traditional Contracting Model and Design and Build Model Updated

July 2012 - Work begins on refining algorithms

March 2012 - AROUSALVIII_v7 released especially tailored to Vista and Windows 7 users.

February 2012 - US Model Updated

December 2011 - UK Model Updated

July 2011 - Newly updated versions include further security enhancements.

January 2011  - AROUSAL forms the basis of recently launched Construction Skills STRATEGY course.

October 2010 - Redevelopment of Australian Version completed and now in use.

November 2009 - UK version major update of the traditional version of AROUSAL, which has taken on a particular relevance to current trading conditions in the UK industry.

May 2008 - Distance learning option completed. US version completely updated.

October 2007 - Further developments to AROUSAL are being made in preparation for a distance learning option.

July 2006 - For the second year running teams of students from all over Australia met  for the Annual AUBEA AROUSAL competition using the Australian version of AROUSAL, hosted by UTS in its superb facilities in Sydney. It was a close run competition with very professional performances from each team but Newcastle University, NSW, emerged as winners for the second year running.

January 2006 - Take a quick tour of the system (1.7mb pdf file)

September 2005 - Contract Journal reports on its first hand experience of AROUSAL - see CJ 28 September 2005.

Autumn 2005 - The finishing touches are being made to the long-awaited Partnering version of AROUSAL. During the coming months, this highly challenging version of AROUSAL, developed with the cooperation of companies in the vanguard of Partnering in the UK, will be field tested by Management Reality and CITB.

July 2005 - Teams of students from all over Australia met in Brisbane to test out the latest AROUSAL model - an  Australian version. Based on a firm in Melbourne the system realistically recreated the trials and tribulations of taking  a traditional contractor into the  Aussie design and build market, but the teams won through. The competition sponsored by AUBEA, AIQS, RICS and the AIOB is likely to become an annual event.